About Us

Futureshirts, founded in 1996, is located in Nashville, TN and operates globally. We are more than shirts: product development, tour support, e-commerce, and marketing... working together... delighting clients. 

We stand strong on four key active principles: 

  • Be Kind and Serve Often
  • Innovate and Deliver
  • Always Create
  • Make it Easy.

We pride ourselves on a commitment to the design, development, and execution of high-quality products and experiences. Rooted in creativity and technology, we work closely with our clients to bring their visions to life through a selection of full-service or a la carte services in product development, creative, tour and on-site support, logistics, e-commerce, marketing, VIP experiences, and fulfillment


Our Team

Jon Ekker

CEO / Partner

Corey Neal

COO / Partner

Carl Gibbs


Josh Thompson

Head of Sales & Marketing

Amy Hodges

Lead Accountant

Courtney Kirk

e-Comm Lead

Vicki Farrell

Production Lead

Jeff Giblin

IT Lead

Carmel Halim

Production Lead

Jourdan Parenteau

Sr. Account Manager

Jesse Blinn

Sr. Account Manager

Mallary Birdsong

Sr. Account Manager

Nathan McCoy

Account Manager

Matt Springer

Account Manager

Kristen Pellegrino

Product Manager

Ellie Kennedy

Product Manager

Bailey Plante

Product Manager

Abbie Beineman

e-Comm Account Manager

Claire Taylor

e-Comm Account Manager

Madison Machen

Marketing Manager

Dustie Carpenter

Marketing Manager

Matt Grace

Creative Services Manager

Graham Wolfe

Sr. Graphic Artist


Sr. Graphic Artist

Marlon Malbrough

Graphic Artist

Sean Sims

Graphic Artist

Jason Martin

Graphic Artist

Matt Pih

On-Site Services Manager

Dan Frantz

Tour Coordinator

Toby Thompson

On-Site + Tour Associate

Tim Lawrence

Logistics Coordinator

Larry Morgan

Purchasing Coordinator

Jennifer Birkmeyer

Production Coordinator

Ryan Hill

Production Tech

Josh Tousignant

Production Staff

Josie Atkinson

Associate Accountant

Trey Christopher

Associate Accountant

Chris McGuffin

Fulfillment Lead / Customer Experience

Heather Dean

Fulfillment Tech

Ben Trerise

Sr. Developer

Mike McLean

Full Stack Developer